Endless chain electric hoist characteristic of CVT system

The production efficiency
Continuous speed control provides start-up, no jerks, fast acceleration and milder stops to optimize load handling operations.
The ESR system allows you to adjust the slowdown ramp and provide faster lift through lighter loads (up to 200%).
The service life of the
Continuous speed control reduces mechanical impact by starting gradually and stopping more gently. A smaller number and degree of impact on the components of a bridge or structure greatly extends the service life of the frame.
Reduce wear
When decelerating before applying mechanical brake, the continuous speed control can give priority to electric brake. Electric braking reduces brake wear because mechanical brakes are used only as holding brakes. Control the speed of stepless improvement through frequency converter.
Adjustable acceleration/deceleration ramp time.
EP, MS or analog control mode with adaptive ESR function.
Control brake control.
Overspeed surveillance.
Clutch slip point supervision.
Prevent electron overload through load sensors.
Programmable lift limit set by widgets (available later).
Impact load control.
Hour counter, start counter, SWP calculation.
Active polygon damping, reduced by 50% (European only).
Power supply 380 to 480V / 3Ph / 50Hz 60 Hz.
Low pressure control 48 V (optional: 115 or 230).
Electric cars run at variable speeds.